We all know that our body health depends on the health of our teeth,so out teeth should be free from any disease,clean and strong.Poor dental health may be as a result of eating sweet foods and sugar.Also eating too much cold or hot things is injurious to our teeth.Whenever you eat anything,you should run your fingers between the gum and teeth so that you can remove foods that may be trapped between your teeth.However,there are natural elements and home remedies which are very helpful for cleaning our teeth and also treating some problems of the teeth.Some of these home remedies are:

1. Lemon – This is one of the best remedies that can be used for problems affecting out dental care.The best way is to rinse a well-cut lemon in water,then washing your mouth with the water.This will provide relief to your teeth.Also rubbing the coat of the lemon on your teeth will make your teeth clean,shine brighter and beautiful.

2. Salt and pepper – These are common things in our day to day lives in the kitchen but most people are not aware that they can be very helpful to our dental care.A mixture of pepper,salt and water will eliminate a toothache within a very short time.You can also simply apply equal amounts of salt and pepper on the aching tooth.This type of remedy is very useful in eliminating problems arising from bacterial infections.

3. Cloves – most of the people use cloves for preparing food due to their sweet smelling aroma but they don’t know that cloves can also be used to cure toothaches.Cloves are highly rich in antioxidants and hence they are one of the best for treating a toothache.When you apply clove oil to the ailing tooth, antibacterial substances present in cloves will fight the bacteria that is causing the infection.

4. Garlic – most people know garlic for causing a foul breath but the don’t know that garlic has curing properties. The best way to make most out of garlic is chewing it to release the analgesic and antibiotic properties that will help soothe a toothache.If you cannot chew it,you can mix it with water and salt and apply the paste on the aching tooth.

5. Vanilla – vanilla which is mostly used for baking can also be used for curing tooth pains in very easy steps.You can apply the mixture on the ailing tooth using a clean cloth.Repeat the process severally to ensure a long lasting relief.Vanilla essence has anesthetic properties that cause a numbing effect and therefore reducing the pain.

6. Turmeric – this home remedy can be used for dental problems and also other problems. You should roast turmeric and grind it. Apply the mixture on the ailing tooth to relieve it from pain.This remedy will make your teeth strong,prevent bleeding and reduce pain.

7. Neem – burn dry neem leaves and turns them into ash. Grind the ash and apply it on the tooth. It will treat your teeth and also make them strong.You can also brush your teeth using neem stick.

These remedies are the best for dental problems.They are very effective and they have no side effects.

Home Remedies for Dental Pain
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