tooth-sensitivityDoes the thought of eating ice-cream make you wince? Is the sight of piping hot drinks making you quiver? Then you’ve got the same age-old problem that millions of others in this world have, and that is sensitive teeth. Acute dental pain can be kept in check with medications, but not sensitive teeth. It’s an on-going problem that you need to learn to live with. Here are tips that will alleviate your tooth sensitivity to an extent.

Gentle Toothbrush

Time to reexamine the brushing rules; here is a quick rerun on the basics. Do not use a hard bristled brush; avoid applying too much pressure, and brush no more than 120 seconds that is 2 minutes maximum and use gentle toothpaste. These basic rules can go a long way in warding off tooth sensitivity.

No Grinding

If you have the practice of grinding your teeth when you are sleeping or when you’re angry, then you need to break the habit right away. Grinding can cause your teeth to fracture, lead to a headache and also trigger tooth sensitivity. To avoid this and scores of other dental problems, avoid clenching your teeth. During night, make it a point to wear a mouth guard to avoid damage from teeth grinding.

Avoid Acidic Food

All those foods that are high in acids are a big no-no for you. Food such as pickles and red wine not only corrodes your teeth but also makes them super sensitive. So, next time you chug down those fruity juices, think twice or at least brush 20 minutes afterward. You don’t want the acid to shrink down your pearls slowly.

Get Protective Shields

If the de-sensitized toothpaste is not helping you much, then it is time you seek a dentist. Plastic barriers like fluoride varnish and plastic resin can be applied over sensitive teeth to protect them against the onslaught of hot and cold food. The shield usually wears off after six months to 1 year. It needs to be constantly reapplied for added protection.


Do you floss? If not, it is time you start. Flossing prevents gum diseases, which in turn prevents erosion and sensitive teeth. Be careful, though, as too much flossing can do your teeth more damage than good. Another simple way to avoid sensitive teeth is rinsing your mouth. It will help strengthen your teeth enamel.

Dental Checkups

If you have receding gums from hard brushing or gum disease, then you need to visit your dentist right away. With exposed gums, tooth sensitivity should be the least of your worries. Receding gums can damage your teeth beyond repair and even cause them to fall off. Your dental care provider will take every possible measure to rebuild and restore your gums.

Salt Water Gargle

If your sensitive teeth have been troubling you lately, then try saltwater gargle. Add two tablespoons of salt in hot water and gargle with the solution twice a day.

If no amount of care has helped your sensitive teeth, it is time you go for that long late dental check up.

Tooth Sensitivity Tips
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